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Celia Paige, Conductor

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Meet the Company

Reformed Foods is a brand new company whose sole purpose is to make deliciously organic preserved foods.

The Brand Creation

First, we created their brand identity which revolved around their food preservation. We paired their brand name with a simple yet elegant infinity logo to truly illustrate the limitless possibilities of their food preservation techniques.

Next we chose their brand colors based on their vibrantly colorful organic foods they use in their preservation process to communicate the freshness of their foods to their customers.

Finally, we crafted the 8 sacred geometry patterns that are used to denote which category of product is within each specific packaging. Each pattern correlates with two icons: the simple base geometry, and an icongraphic representation.


We took Reformed Foods from “just another food company” to something our customer could love, and their customers could relate to using transformative designs, colors, and packaging.

Project Scope




Paige K.
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