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Ascend Perinatal works with external partners to build fully-integrated psychiatric medication management, substance use disorder treatment, counseling services, peer support, and care coordination for seamless patient care.

The Brand Creation

Working off the existing logo color palette, we began on a comprehensive on-brand redesign. The existing Telehealth website needed a complete overhaul. The Perinatal website was created from scratch.

We started with the imagery. We wanted to convey feelings of happiness, care, and safety, for people visiting the website who may be experiencing negative emotions. This kind of imagery evokes in Ascend’s patients a sense of comfortability, and thus a more willingness to utilize the site’s resources.

Next was the overall design. We wanted to create an easy-to-use, soothing experience for website users coping with anxiety and/or depression. We achieved this through the implementation of darker colors with curving designs that give the website user a sense of calm and relief.

Finally, we wanted to make navigation of the website quick and easy for Ascend’s websites’ users who require immediate care. By not cluttering up the website with irrelevant design and copy to make it “look pretty”, we have 2 clear buttons colored in gold (Telehealth) and fuschia (Perinatal), labeled “Client Portal” for existing clients, and “Virtual Waiting Room”, for those seeking immediate care.

To make things completely clear and concise and ensure all the patient’s questions are answered, we custom-coded a 4-step user flow.  Throughout the Perinatal site, we employed hyperlinked dropdown FAQs to facilitate navigation.  Through an enhanced sub-menu structure, users will find everything pertinent to their mental health needs.


We created a website that serves as a place Ascend’s patients can come to feel safe, cared for, and loved – while giving them a sense of hope through uplifting imagery, design, and overall user experience.

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Joshua L.
President/CEO - Ascend Healthcare Inc.
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Absolutely outstanding job!!! This is our second project with Stephanie and she continues to impress!! We will be continuing to use her on all of our website related projects.

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